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As always, I like to start with the disclaimer that says that this is just one person’s experience and that I am not trying to represent everyone. Nor do I intend to put out more information than is legally or ethically allowed.

So I started these blogs/posts with the intent of taking the scare factor out of real estate. Here is what has been covered so far:

  • education
  • testing
  • getting your official license in the mail


You are probably thinking, “What’s next?” The answer to that is joining the local Harrison District Board of Realtors. Once the state receives your test results and your funds for license etc., they will notify your local board that you have been licensed. They will contact your Broker and he will encourage you to go to the local board website and fill out the application.

Once the application is filled out you need to submit it to the board office. You should receive communication setting up an appointment to get you put into the system. This will include  a number of different computer programs and organizations that are all part of being a salespersons. Sorry, if this is a little vague but not sure how much can be shared.

The next step will now be an online class about the Realtor’s Code of Ethics and then an orientation class given by the Board. In the meantime, I am now able to sell, list, and help the general public. It is a great feeling to know that when someone walks through the door I can fully help them with any question they might have.

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