Moving Tips

Before you leave your present address:

  1. Reading of: gas meter – electric meter – water meter.
  2. Cancel: telephone- milk delivery – diaper service – newspaper delivery.
  3. Have your refrigerator and other appliances serviced for the trip.
  4. Write the utility company in the city to which you are moving. Ask them about necessary fees for deposits required for the installation of services.
  5. Remit the utility deposits required, with information when and where you will want the following services: gas, water, electric, and telephone.
  6. Send your forwarding address to your local post office and send change of address cards to magazines, insurance companies, friends and stores.
  7. Transfer your fire insurance on household goods or other insurance on personal possessions, so that they will be covered at your new home and enroute.
  8. Notify the principal of your children’s school about your intended move. Get a letter from him covering the status of your children in school.
  9. Notify the Pastor of your church that you are leaving.
  10. Obtain birth records and baptism records of all the children.
  11. Get medical records of shots, eyeglass prescriptions, etc.
  12. If the car or other procession are not fully paid for, get permission to move them.
  13. Have your present bank arrange credit references for establishing new accounts in the city to which you are moving.
  14. Arrange for sufficient cash or traveler’s checks to cover the cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections in the city t which you are moving. Transfer companies generally require cash or certified checks.
  15. Leave the keys to your old property with the Realtor or neighbor.


At your new address:

  1. Obtain certified checks or cashiers check necessary for closing the real estate transaction.
  2. Check on the services of telephone – gas – electricity, water.
  3. Have your stove serviced – check the pilot light.
  4. Check the pilot light on the hot water heater, incinerator, and furnace.
  5. Ask the mailman for mail he may be holding for your arrival.
  6. Have your new address recorded on your driver’s license.
  7. Visit city offices and register for voting.
  8. Register your car within five (5) days after arrival in state or a penalty may have to paid when getting new license plates.
  9. Register your family in your new place of worship.
  10. Register your children in school.


NOTE: Article reprinted with permission of GUIDELIGHT PUBLICATIONS, PO Box 1986, Gallatin, TX 37066. All rights reserved.

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