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CENTURY 21 Action Realty is not a property management company. What this means is that we don’t own or manage any of the rental properties that appear on our rental list. As a service to our community, our office supplies a list to help individuals find a home. We receive a request for rentals roughly once a day.

Recently we had a mortgage company come in and talk to us about the services they provide. One of the trends that they mentioned is that a lot of young families and couples are no longer purchasing a home. With student loans and all the other every day costs, it just isn’t feasible to buy right away. What this means is a higher need for rentals.

I don’t know about most, but I don’t really read the newspaper anymore. Much less look at the classified adds. When I want to find something I go to “google” and have a look. There are so many online resources that it just makes sense to offer this list online. But how do you submit a rental if you are an owner looking to use this source. Easy peasy lemon squeegee.

Locate the “Contact Us” page and you will find a form. Here is the criteria we need to help you successfully list your property.

  • Where is your home located? What is the street address? What town?
  • If you are listing a house, mobile home, condo, etc.; how many bedrooms and baths? Are there half baths?
  • Will you allow your renter to have pets?
  • Will you allow them to smoke?
  • Will they have access to a washer/dryer?
  • Are utilities included in the rental fees?
  • What is the rental fee per month? What is the deposit?
  • Do you require a time commitment or do you rent month to month?
  • Is there a garage? How much parking is there?
  • Who do they need to contact? How does the owner want to be contacted?
  • Finally, are there any updates or enticements that might make your property more appealing? ie. New kitchen, flooring, paint, etc.


If you are not a fan of computers or forms, then call our office at 870-741-3408 and provide the administrative staff the information needed. They will add it to the rental list and get the word out there. Please note, if you list your rental and it rents; let us know so that our staff can remove your rental and you won’t continue to get calls. We hope this information is helpful and that we can be of service to our community.

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