Studying the Law

DISCLAIMER: What follows is being written first-hand from one individual’s life experiences. In other words, this won’t be definitive but will try to be comprehensive.

It’s May. (Obvious, I know.) I have finally settled down and decided it is time to face my Goliath. It is time to take the Arkansas Real Estate Licensure test. In order to pass you have to get 70% correct. That’s a “C” rating when you compare it with High School and sliding percentage scales. My desire is to get an “A” rating but I have to be realistic. I don’t have the memory I had when I was 18, much less 25. And my studies have shown that real estate involves a lot of math. That was never my strong suit.

Here’s what I know. The test will consist of a “General Knowledge” of real estate and then “Real Estate and Time Share Law.” As the title of this post indicates, I am studying the law portion. I have been encouraged to really give it due diligence and commit it to memory as the law portion could make or break you. At this moment I really appreciate Camp Real Estate and the materials that were supplied for my 60 classroom hours. I have a comprehensive packet containing the laws in all their dignified language and then the Cliff Note’s of laws to know.

I confess that I am kind of a nerd and seem to enjoy making things harder than they need to be. I say this  because I have read the Cliff’s notes, if you will, and now am focusing on reading the dignified language of the full version. Right about now I would welcome one of Shakespeare’s plays or even Milton. (Did I mention that my college degree is English Literature?) Here’s the good news, there isn’t a lot of Latin or unrecognizable language that society no longer uses. It is pretty straight forward. The down side is that there are a lot of numbers to remember in the way of days, weeks, and years.

So here is what I’ve done. I have read the Cliff’s Notes version and now am reading the dignified language version. I find that this has been helpful because those key phrases are better driven home. Additionally, the Cliff’s Notes have some typos and by reading the full version I validate that I am learning the information correctly. Plus, it helps that there is some really useful information for when you are a fully licensed agent. So give it a go. Thanks.


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